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Selling Process

We will arrange to meet with you at your property at a convenient time to you. We are happy to accommodate you anytime, 7 days a week. Together, we will meticulously go through your property, the different aspects it has to offer to produce the most appropriate and realistic selling price and the best strategy to ensure a smooth and satisfactory transaction. We will discuss with you any DIY jobs you have been wanting to do but you were waiting for the right time. We always recommend to keep the place tidy and free of any clutter and mess, and have a deep professional clean to freshen up the place including shampooing of the carpets and steam clean all upholstery, tidy up the garden and any outside space and clear any tree leaves or mud from pathways, our aim is to reach to the widest audience and help prospective buyers to feel themselves living happily in your property.

During our initial meeting, we will also discuss your readiness to sell and move out, it is important that we know your intentions as to how soon you wish to sell, as there is a price to sell and a price to test the market, so we are able to put the right asking price on your property accordingly and control the speed pace of the sale.

Our dedicated and dynamic team will manage the sales process for you by conducting viewings, giving constant feedback and ensuring we sell your property swiftly. We will advise you on any repetitive feedback towards a particular issue so we act as property Doctors and treat this sticking issue to help speed up the sale process.

We will advise you on the best way to market your property, regardless of the price, condition or location of the property. Our marketing team will ensure to highlight the best aspects your property has to offer and start advertising it on our portals and offer it to our registered and international buyers.


Putting an asking price on your property is crucial and plays a major role in the sale process, some of the factors to consider when valuing a property are:

An accurate valuation is key to a successful sale, however it would be acceptable to try your luck for couple of weeks with an optimistic figure at start in order to test the market, with view to reduce the price afterwards. However some Agents still play the old trick and give Sellers an unrealistic high valuation to win the sale instructions. This will have negative repercussions to the sale process, it causes the property to be over-exposes for a long time on the market unsold. Buyers avoid dealing with unrealistic sellers and view a stagnant properties.

You will need to provide an EPC (energy performance certificate) for your property which is required by law before you put your property on the market. We can help you to organise this.

Once we provide you with the suitable valuation, you can be certain that this figure is realistic and fair. Our team of professional valuers will take into account the state of your property, the positioning vis a vis the main road, any enhancements done to it and most importantly any similar comparables and the current market value for such property.

If you are happy and satisfied to put your property on the market, we will assist you by dressing up your property, advertising it on our online portals and offering it to our registered and international buyers. We will be present whenever you need us and we will support and offer you the best advice on how to achieve your desired goal, guaranteeing a satisfactory outcome. Get in touch with us to arrange a free, no obligation market appraisal for your property. Choose us to serve you with commitment, passion and expertise for your selling needs