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Buying Process

Owning and renting a property
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Whatever your needs or circumstances might be, we will endeavour to find you the most suitable property/properties. From a holiday home by the seaside to a pied-à-terre in the heart of the city to a buy-to-let investment, we will offer you an array of properties with our personalised and bespoke service to find you the property you have always dreamed of.

Below are some main guidelines to follow when buying a property:

Step 1 - Arranging your mortgage

It is important to have your finances in place before you start looking for a property to avoid missing out on your ideal property once you find it. This will also gage the type of property you can expect to buy. If you are a cash buyer, we will offer properties within your financial capacities. If you have money in savings or shares, make sure you can access them easily and that they are not any timelines to withdrawal. If you need a mortgage, we recommend you consult a mortgage advisor to figure out how much you can spend on buying a property.

Step 2 - Register your interest

You can register with us, either through our website or by contacting us directly. We update our website daily in addition we are subscribed to a central property database and have access to all properties on the market for sale or rental, we will also offer you our list of ‘off market’ property/ies, which are not advertised on the open market. With this there will be no reason for you to register with other agents and confuse yourself and risk duplicating viewing for the same property/ies. When you register with us, we will be able to alert you of any new suitable properties that comes to the market via email or phone. When we send you a property which might be of interest to you, contact us straight away and we will gladly schedule a viewing.

Step 3 - Finding the right property

We will dedicate our time and attention to finding you the property most suitable to your needs. We will advise you on available properties in the area you are looking for and accompany you on viewings until you decide on the property which is right for you.

Step 4 - The key to successful viewings

Our highly motivated and skilled team will sit with you and understand exactly what type of property you are after. You might want to buy to invest, or modernize and re-let or re-sell, or buy-to-let. We will go through a checklist of different properties and options and their criteria to shortlist the properties which would best suit your needs. We will then accompany you to view the properties you selected, explain the different aspects of the property and its surroundings, all the while answering any concerns you might have to finally agree a property you would like to offer on.

Step 5 - Instructing a solicitor

It is a good idea to instruct a solicitor in the early stage of the process. This way once an offer is agreed, you will be in a position to lock the property you want and proceed quickly. If you do not already have a solicitor, we are able to recommend a proficient team of solicitors we have worked with and have achieved quick and efficient sales transaction.

Step 6 - Making an offer

Once you find the property suitable for you, we will use our expertise and make a market study of comparable of properties which have recently sold in the same building, street or area to enable you to place an educated sale offer that will make the most financial sense for you. We will forward your offer on your behalf to the seller and confirm your intention to fund the property and advise you on the non-refundable deposit or exclusivity request if applicable, if you are a cash buyer, you will need to provide evidence of your finances while the solicitor conducts the proper checks. If you have a mortgage arranged, we will ask you to provide an ‘agreement in principle’ (AIP) certificate and we will require the details of your financial advisor to determine the exact time frame to process the application.

Step 7 - Offer agreed

Once the offer has been agreed, we will forward to your and the seller’s solicitors the MOS or Memorandum of Sale containing the terms and conditions of the purchase. During this time, you would need to be in close contact with your solicitor and us until contracts have been exchanged. Offers are not legally binding until contracts have been exchanged. We will also be available to answer any question you might have during this process and we will also provide you with a guide to conveyancing to assist you through this process.

Step 8 - Conveyancing

This is your solicitor’s responsibility to conduct the proper checks and paperwork in order to prepare the sale contract for you.

Step 9 - Survey and mortgage offer

If you have a mortgage arranged, a survey of the property will be conducted by a surveyor on behalf of the mortgage lender. Once the survey report has been received and is a satisfactory one, your lender will then issue the mortgage offer to your solicitor. You may wish to conduct your own chartered surveyor to highlight any possible problem that may need addressing at the property. Generally there are two types of survey you can buy; a homebuyer's report and a building survey.

Step 10 - Exchange of contracts

Exchange of contracts is when the sale becomes legally binding on both sides. You can only exchange once you have paid a deposit of usually 5% or 10% of the purchase price to your solicitors account. Your solicitor will inform you once the contracts have been exchanged and they will also notify us. The completion date is set by mutual agreement and is legally binding.

Step 11 - Completion

Completion is when your property purchase is finalised. The remaining purchase price is transferred to your solicitor by the agreed completion date. Your solicitor will notify us when the money has cleared in their account and we will then release the keys to your new property.