Through its affiliates, MTC Law Limited and iMortgate Solutions Limited, Limetrees is able provide a one-stop solution to those looking to purchase or sell their property through Limetrees.
Limetrees, iMortgage and MTC Law are independent businesses which means that on the one hand you benefit from the synergy and close cooperation between these affiliates to ensure that your transactions completes as smoothly as possible and on the other hand you will be gaining the benefit of complete unbiased advice from each of them individually.

Unlike some of our competitors we do not make it a requirement nor do we imply or suggest that it is a requirement to use our affiliates’ services. We simply tell you that with this level of synergy everyone will be doing their best and more importantly we all pro-actively communicate with each other to ensure that your transaction takes place!

You may ask yourself: “What’s in it for them”?; - hear the answer from the horse’s mouth:

Limetrees:  “Knowing that we have a good solicitor or mortgage broker that answers our calls takes a lot of the headache away for all concerned – sometimes it can take ages to reach some other brokers or solicitors which creates a panic for us and certainly the buyer – MTC and iMortgage are always very accessible as they both know that a good property can slip from your hands very quickly and then you are back to square one”.

MTC Law:  “We know that for most people the purchase of a home is probably the biggest investment they make in their life, therefore we do what we can to make sure that they are kept appraised and certainly make sure every transactions gets the priority it deserves.”

iMortgage: “We are independent and therefore are not confined to specific or limited mortgage packages. Based on the criteria our customers give us we do a very extensive search to find them a package tailored to their needs. You need to always be up-to-date with packages that are available out there. Some of them are out there for a very limited time! Once we have it agreed, we hand it over to MTC who usually know in advance to expect a certain transaction and always respond immediately.”

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